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Polaris RZR 800 Primary Drive Clutch Springs ,Weights,One Way Bearing 2011-2014 (Complete)


NEW PRIMARY DRIVE CLUTCH FITMENT: POLARIS 2011-2014 RZR 800 This is the EBS style of clutch . Meaning It has a one way bearing which adds EBS ( engine brake system) to some years of RZR 800 that did not originally come with the feature. If you have a 2013-2014 RZR 800 L.E. you already had this style clutch and it will perform same as your stock one. If another year or model RZR 800 you will feel that upgrade that it helps you slow down a little when you let off the gas which equals less wear on your brakes. Package incuding: 1X RZR 800 PRIMARY DRIVE CLUTCH WITH ONE WAY BEARING,WEIGHTS AND SPRINGS

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