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This AA slip-on exhaust is just what your machine needs! We set out to produce an exhaust that looks great, sounds great, has adjustable sound levels, and has a price tag that won't have your significant other screaming at you (we can't be the only ones?).

This exhaust sounds amazing with a nice throaty bark when fully open, a head turner in a good way! Looking for less sound? You can actually adjust the sound with a manual cutout (stealth cap) that bolts into either one of the outlets. This cap makes our exhaust quieter than other exhausts with a single outlet because the sound waves get trapped in the capped outlet. Does the cap decrease airflow? Not at all with the naturally aspirated 1000 motor. No drop in horsepower because of capping on side, just less sound if you want that

If you'd still like less sound, you can put your factory spark arrestor (or two of them if not running the stealth cap). It fits right in with no modification.

Exhaust fits all 2015-Up RZR XP 1000 Models & RZR RS1

Amazing sound that is fully adjustable when purchasing our Stealth Cap

Much better airflow which is needed to decrease heat (especially when tuned)

Eliminates the stock catalytic converter which creates a ton of exhaust and motor heat

Sheds 6 lbs off your machine

Stock exhaust measures 88 dB, AA with quiet core is 92 dB, wide open AA is 96-98 dB

Fits nicely into the factory location

Uses hairpin clips to hold the top muffler mounts in place for extremely secure mounting

Made from TIG welded stainless steel

Extremely high quality laser cut brackets for maximum durability and a great look

Sharp corners and outlets designed to match the RZR styling

The stainless will bronze and matches the stock header very well

The aluminum heat shield keeps the back of the muffler cool and looking badass with an AA graphics

Video Clip on a turbo model: 0aE

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